Tuesday, November 4, 2014

bullet your whole day

hmmmm... okey... i was start today at 5.15 am

  • wake up, sholat subuh, take a shower, etc
  • went to Food Quality Assurance class, study about standard and specification
  • have a breakfast after class
  • accompany my Vietnamese friend Hoang to find and contact Mr. Gatot
  • and then continued searching lab coat for Hoang, we searching in gudang buku and green co and we choose the cheapest one, green co store, the price is 60K 
  • back to my kosan and wait until dzuhur, browsing and made coming soon design for singkongday
  • had lab practice at 13.00 pm, try to analyze total tokoferol and antioxidant in black and green tea, finish at 16.30 pm
  • watching volley game ITP vs TMB, but unfortunately we lose
  • discuss a while about "buddies" plan with Nuy and Qori
  • back to kosan with Khalid at 17.30 pm
  • at kosan until now.... preparing dinner, just with rice, tempe kemul chips and nori, because i forget to take money at ATM, so i use emergency food, hahaha...   
  • at 20.00 pm there is meeting with all people who live in my kos-kosan to discuss about president election (actually just talking about who want to be a leader in my kos-kosan) finish at 21.00 pm 
  • try to text Khalid but he didn't reply, i'm asking about hangout plan tonight 
  • 22.00 pm still no reply from Khalid, maybe it canceled 

okey, i'll finish today with a good sleep and hoping get a nice dream :)

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